Professional Safety Tools & Cold Work Solutions for Industry & Firefighting
About Dafco

Dafco est une société spécialisée dans l’outillage de sécurité pour l’industrie et les marchés de niche. En nous appuyant sur nos produits, nous nous efforçons d’aider les utilisateurs finaux à exécuter leurs travaux Manuels dans un souci d’efficacité et d’ergonomie, tout en minimisant les risques pour la santé.

En collaboration avec nos différents partenaires, nous fournissons ces outils et solutions dans plus de 30 pays autour du monde.

  • Isolé
  • Anti-déflagrant
  • Non-magnétique
  • Pas d’iso-cyanates
  • Outils à main sécurisés pour des travaux en hauteur
  • Une relation ténacité/poids optimale
  • Réduction de bruit
  • Transfert réduit de vibrations
  • Poignées ergonomiques
  • Sans rebond
What our customers say
  • The tools are used almost daily and there is minimal wear on the teeth. I see benefits in getting work done without much delays as I do not require hot work permits. All I require now is a blanket permit for the air compressors and my team can work on the individual lines. There are significant cost savings as we get much faster turnarount

    Shell Eastern Petroleum
  • The cutting system works excellent. We were able to cut out welds attaching equipment in an area… in one shift… without having to shut down the facility. Definitely a quality product and valuable asset

    Shell-MARS Offshore Platform
    Gulf of Mexico
  • By using Safety Tools Allmet’s Steel Grinding Suitcase we completed the job in half the time conventional methods would have taken. In the process this saved circa £300.000 in costs

    John Henderson Archer
    Project Manager
  • By using ATR Group’s Safety Tools Allmet’s grinding tools, being cold work and ATEX compliant, enabled us to successfully remove all defects while maintaining normal production, saving at least a week’s worth of production

    Boris Thomas
    CNNS Corrosion Engineer Shell
  • I never imagined in my life time that I would be able to perform the type of work that involves removing steel on an Offshore producing platform without throwing any sparks. These tools have allowed us to take construction to a new era in Safty

    Charles Munoz
    GIS Project Management Group – Gulf of Mexico, MAD DOG Offshore Platform – BP
  • By using a hammer with fiberglass handle, a significant vibration reduction of about 18% can be obtained

    Dr. Ing. S. Riedel
  • I find that my officers and firefighters have a much greater level of confidence due to care and craftsmanship put into each individual tool. I feel that when you’re risking your life for free, you should have the best equipment money can buy. This is so true with Nupla tools.

    Jon R. Asper
    Fire Chief Greater Eagle
  • Over 85% of striking tools failure is the result of handle breakage

    Natick report
  • Accidents at work and professional deseases cause a loss of 35 mio working days per year or an average of 2 days per year per person

    INRS France

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