Safety Tools Allmet

Safety Tools Allmet specializes in unique cold work surface preparation and cutting tools. The Safety Tools Allmet equipment follow ATEX guidelines and is safe to use in EX zones 1 and 2 without a hot work permit.

Safety Tools have been safely used around the world for over a decade and offer substantial health safety and environmental benefits. After years of research and development the first and only Det Norske Veritas (DNV) approved Cold grinding tool of its kind was introduced to the Norwegian Offshore sector.

This was done following strict ATEX directives and EU standards. The tools was so revolutionary just categorizing it for certification proved a bit difficult – there was no category for it ! Safety Tools soon after introduced their Cutting and Weld Seem removal solutions.

They were also authorized by DNV as cold work tools. They have been an important addition to the Safety Tools revolution and are used around the world cutting cost, increasing productivity and making the workplace safer. Not to mention avoiding those costly shutdowns.

Safety Tools offer benefits to :

  • Offshore platforms
  • Oil & gas refineries
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Gas pipelines and distribution centers
  • Maritime & shipping
  • Aircraft and railway
  • Power companies
  • Grain handling and storage
  • Military
  • Automotive production
  • Nuclear
  • ���

Safety Tools Benefits :

  • No need for Hot Work Permit
  • No demanding Risk Evaluations
  • No job postponements
  • No need for habitats and/or fireguards
  • No hot sparks and dangerous sharp splinters
  • Low heat (30°C-60°C average)
  • Low vibration (2.5m/s average)
  • Low noise (80-85 dB average)
  • Rougness profile 40-75 micron’s
  • Discs and files are harder than an industrial diamond
Cold Grinding

The pneumatic tools are developed in partnership with Fuji. The Safety Tools air tools are specially designed to use with the Safety Tools files and discs in hazardous work areas. They are designated safe to use in EX dust and gas zones 1 & 2 and backed by the DNV.

The files and discs are composed primarily of tungsten carbide. The combination of molecular components and the fabrication give the files and discs a hardness between an industrial diamond and a natural diamond. The hardness and the design of the teeth increase the longevity of the files and discs.

Different grinding kits are available for purchase and renting.

Cold Cutting

Unique to the Safety Tools Cutting Solution is the water control box. The water cools and lubricates the Cutting & Weld Removal Solutions to a T4 rating.

The purpose of the box is to regulate the flow of air and water. Safety Tools cutting and weld seem disc have the same properties as the Grinding files and discs. Both the Cutting and Weld Seam discs can be recut an average of 3 times.

STA A-201
Other cold solutions

With these safe solutions, Safety Tools helps you simplify and automate many of your cutting and grinding jobs in hazardous work areas. The Safety Tools solutions eliminate all electronics and utilize Safety Tools world leading EX cold cutting technology.

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