Non-sparking tools

ENDRES-Tools are produced out of a non-iron-alloy (special bronze, copper-beryllium), which are highly wear-resistant. The moulds are within DIN specifications, as are the quality checks we perform on these tools. It is due to these quality assurance programs that Endres can maintain our high quality standard.

  • non-sparking
  • antimagnetic
  • extremely corrosion-resistant against many media (e.g. sea water )

ENDRES-Tools are used world-wide in the following fields:

  • Oil- and gas-producing
  • Petrochemistry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pipeline works
  • Bundeswehr, Defence Forces
  • Civil defence and disaster prevention
  • Gasworks and power stations
  • Tank refiner
  • Lacquerworks and in all other situations, in which sparks can be a potential danger of fire and explosion.

Analysis of non-sparking material: