A wide range of hammers is available with the Nuplaglas® fibreglass handle, giving guarantee for a strong, safe, durable and ergonomic product.

  • Steel hammer
  • Copper hammer
  • Non-sparking metal hammer
  • all according to the existing quality standards like DIN, AFNOR, BSS, and ANSI.
  • High level of flexibility due to assembly in our European facilities

The softface hammers with Nuplaglas® fibreglass handles increase the comfort for the professional users due to

  • a reduction in noise
  • ergonomics designed to minimize muscular injuries
  • several weights, and diameters
  • available in rebound and non-rebound versions
  • with our without replaceable tips
  • 6 replaceable tips, each with its own specific hardness
  • very resistant to chemicals, UV, temperature and moisture
  • Non-sparking versions are available.
40% more driving power and less rebound than any hammer of its kind

Our range of non-sparking hammers (Endres), available with Nupla fiberglass handle, are produced out of a non-iron-alloy (copper-beryllium) checked by the necessary official offices for material research. These hammers are used word wide in situations in which sparks can be a potential danger of a fire and an explosion, like in petrochemistry, chemical plants, pipeline works, refineries, lacquer works, defence forces, …

Within the 3 main groups of striking tools, the metal headed, the Power Drive® Dead Blow and the soft face, a non-sparking version is available. The non-sparking range of the Power Drive dead blow and the Soft Face hammers have a white Nuplaglas® fibreglass handle, to avoid any possible misunderstanding using these tools in the special environments they are designed for.

Digging tools

The digging tools are like the striking tools an example of the combination of maximum flexibility to give to the European market the best fitting product for each professional, and all with the strength, the safety, the durability and the ergonomics well known from Nuplaglas fibreglass handles.

Nupla fibreglass

Classic TCP (Tension-Conitinuous-Parallel) Nuplaglas handles exceed all Federal standards and are made of pultruded structural fiberglass that is composed of millions of continuous parallel fiberglass strands cured under tension in a thermosetting resin through a microwave procedure (US patent).

217, 98, 260, 1, 1, 486
  • Optimum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Reduced transfer of vibrations
  • Anti-static
  • Does not conduct heat/cold
  • Life span up to 40x longer than wooden handles
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Insulation over 20.000V
  • Fire retardant