Handmate – tools that keep you safe

Dafco is proud to present its new range of tools, specially developed to avoid hand injuries in industrial environments. These tools are being used to guide heavy loads, to create a safe distance between the user and the object, to mark objects in a hazardous environment, … The handels of these tools are made of…

INFOPOL – XPO112 2017

Visit us at the Infopol – XPO112 exhibition in Kortrijk on 25-26-27/04/2017. You can find us in Hall 6, booth 650 Registration for free entrance https://registration.n200.com/survey/3169tkv8t9qho?actioncode=NTWO000049IKT&partner-contact=2lcete8of9vx4 More information on http://www.infopol-xpo112.be