Pike Poles, Roof & Ceiling hooks

Nuplaglas® fibreglass is an excellent product for these tools used in fire fighting brigades.
Nupla Pike Poles, Roof & Ceiling hooks are tools that firemen can rely on !

These tools were developed using the same Nuplaglas® TCP fibreglass, but inserted with a plastic honeycomb core making these tools much lighter, but still with the strength comparable to steel.

The Nupla Pike Poles and Roof & Ceiling hooks are available in different lengths and with butt and D grip.

Further developments together with fire brigades resulted in the Nupla Nupole system – Nupole Take Apart – being the same pike pools, hooks, … but in standard lengths that can be joined very easy.  Extensions can be added and portability allows the tool to be taken apart and compactly stored in vehicles’ locked compartments, while saving weight. The Nupole System reduces the investment needed for complete tools and minimizes tool inventory.
The tool, handle extension and grip sections have mating connectors that allow quick assembly and disassembly. Longer tools can be quickly assembled using a center handle extension. The sturdy connectors are made of aircraft aluminum and have quick-release buttons for connecting to blade, center extension and grip sections.