Handmate is thé brand for safe and ergonomic work.

Handmate is a registered trademark of Dafco NV.
All Handmate products are conceived in-house, developed with the customer and produced internally with the safety of the end user as a starting point.

Today, the vast majority of industrial accidents occurring in industrial environments are hand injuries. Based on the demand from the industry for specific tools to prevent hand injury, we have developed the Handmate range.

Handmate tools offer a solution in all industrial environments where by creating a certain distance between the user and the object, hand injuries are prevented :

  • guiding heavy loads
  • guiding or marking objects with high temperature

  • Different tool heads
  • Interchangeable tool heads / hooks in steel or aluminium
  • heavy duty Nupla fibreglass handle or European telescopic fibreglass handle
  • Nupla handles available in different lengths
  • Tool heads for specific applications on request
Safe and ergonomic work with Handmate
Certified handtools: 1811187-00
  • These tools are NO lifting or hoisting tools.
  • Designed for use in ambient temperatures of -30°C to 80°C.
  • These tools must always be protected against the influence of chemicals, sharp objects, vibrations, shocks and electrical voltages. Otherwise the hand tool can be damaged and therefore impair its function.
  • When using these tools always consult the applicable safety regulations of the working environment.
  • Always check the environment in which the hand tools are used: adequate lighting, work floor free of obstacles, dirt, anti-slip, stairs, level differences, … This prevents the risk of falling and jamming!
  • Access to the work zone: with the presence of the operator and possibly supervisor.
  • Periodic inspection of the hand tools is not compulsory. Our advice is a periodic check by the safety officer and/or operator. Obligation to report damage to or missing parts of the hand tool.